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Casino bonus hunt explained


Bonus hunt is one of the most popular things right now among casino streamers. It’s only entertaining to watch, but it can also bring a significant profit. Can a regular casino player do it? Is it allowed to do it with bonus money and what’s, is the proper way to do it? We will try to answer these questions and explain everything you need to know about bonus hunt at an online casino.

What is a bonus hunt, and how to do it?

Bonus hunt is a different way to play casino. You prepare a good enough starting balance and try to collect as many bonuses as possible to open them after your balance reach zero. Collecting bonuses means that as soon you catch a bonus (3 scatters) you close your slot and open it later, restore your session and watch your bonus. It’s a thrilling experience, especially when you collect many bonuses with a small starting balance. Bonus hunt became a popular way to play slots as many casino streamers do it on their streams. However, it’s not that easy to do a bonus hunt for a regular player.

Can everyone do a bonus hunt at an online casino?

If you want to have your own bonus hunt, you should prepare first so you can be sure that it’s not against casino rules and you get you winnings safely:

  • Contact your casino and ask support chat if you are allowed to collect bonuses. Some casinos allow bonus hunts only for casino streamers as an exception.
  • Make sure that you are not using bonus money when you do it. Once again, many streamers can do it with bonus money and have no problems that are because they have special permission from the casino manager.
  • You can’t collect bonuses on some providers. For example in Yggdrasil bonus stays only for like 15 minutes and then you just get money on your account. On the red tiger provider, it’s also impossible, as soon you land a bonus there, you already got money to your account, and you just watch an animation. So make sure that you use some popular providers like Play’n Go, NetEnt, Push Gaming, Microgaming.

Different types of bonus hunts

There are multiple types of bonus hunts you can watch or do it yourself. We describe some of the popular types, so you get an idea.

Big bets bonus hunts – obviously from the name of this one, it’s a type of bonus hunt where you collect fewer bonuses, with bigger bets.

Progressive bet bonus hunt – you pick you starting a bet and catch the first bonus, then you raise your bet every time you get a bonus. It’s the most dangerous bonus hunt you can have, in my opinion, because you can run out of money quickly and end up with only a few bonuses.

Themed bonus hunts – another fun way to collect bonuses. For example, you collect bonuses only in Egypt themed slots or only in book slots. Alternatively, you can pick a single provider and stick to it for all bonuses.

Where to watch bonus hunt opening?

Bonus hunt is a perfect way to spend time when you want just to watch bonuses nonstop and guess the outcome. You can find many videos on my channel. I have a special playlist where I publish bonus hunt results only. You can find different type of bonus hunts there. Big bets, special themed, progressive bet and much another type of bonus hunts.

Enjoy my videos and subscribe to my channel for a live bonus hunt and casino action!

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