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How to stop gambling addiction?


If you gamble a lot and lose a lot of money every month, one day you realise that it’s time for you to quit gambling before it’s too late. Or maybe you have already run into some problems with debts and having a hard time dealing with it. It’s a good decision to quit playing casino when you spend way more then you should. I will try to give you some important advice which helps you to deal with the gambling urge and stay strong during hard times.

What is the reason for your gambling addiction?

Before we find a cure to your gambling addiction, we should know the reason, why you keep coming back to the casino. It doesn’t matter if it’s a land-based facility or shiny online casino. According to many science types of research when you play at the casino, your brain produces special chemicals known as “Endorphins”. Every time you want more and more of that winning feeling. So when there is no happen in your life, and you feel bored your brain trying to get you back to the casino. Don’t worry many healthy activities can help you to put your mind in the right place and help you to generate endorphins without a casino.

How to stop playing casinos?

There some important things you need to do first to increase your chance to overcome a gambling addiction. I will discuss them now and explain everything.

  • Stop watching big videos and pictures, casino streams. It’s a popular trend now for many gamblers and casinos streamers all over the world to upload their huge wins on youtube. When you watch videos, you get a wrong impression that may be one more deposit can help you to win the same huge win. Stay away from such videos at all cost!
  • Block yourself from casinos. If you play a few online casinos, a good idea is to exclude yourself from playing there. There is always an option at any online casino to ban you from playing there, if you think you would want to come back and play later you can block yourself for several months, however, we suggest you do it at least for a half year. I know that there are many other casinos where you can play, however, if you lose a lot in a particular casino you have more temptation to play there.
  • Tell your close friends and family about your gambling issues. Don’t be ashamed you try to recover, and your family can support through your hard times and control your spendings, so it helps you no to put your hard earned money to the casino once again.

After all these three steps to the most important one to help your brain, find yourself a hobby where you need to put a lot of free time. It can be anything that you like, online computer games, biking or hiking. It’s supposed to take all of your free time and eventually it helps to fix your brain after gambling addiction. It’s the most important step, please don’t ignore it and do it now. I can give you more random ideas so you can understand: learn to play the guitar, learn a new language, go to the gym, swim in a pool. By the way, it’s important to have at least one physical activity it helps our brain and generates some endorphins too. As you see for most of those activities you don’t need to spend a lot of money, you just need to do It regularly. Don’t forget that sports betting is bad for you too, don’t do it!

How long does it take to heal gambling addiction?

The first month is the worst time when you usually feel like you need to play casino and try to make some sneaky deposits, but it’s also one of the most important months on a fight with gambling addiction. If you manage to stay away from the casino for 30 days, you will become stronger and feel like you are a new person. However, it can take up to one year for full recovery. What you need to understand is that even if you make one deposit after three clean months, you don’t need to punish yourself. Just play and don’t make more deposits show for your brain that you are in control, it will improve your healing process.

You can deal with gambling addiction

Don’t be scared when you realise that you are addicted to casino slots, you are not alone. Many people live with a gambling addiction and have no problems. You can fix your brain and heal yourself from all this harm that casinos did to you. Just concentrate on steps we suggest you and find yourself a hobby.

We know that on our site we promote some online casinos, but we also promote responsible gambling, all of the casinos we list are licensed casinos, the following rules of self-exclusion strictly, so when you decide to lock your account they will help you.

What’s your addiction story? Tell us your story and what you did to heal yourself. Leave a reply now. I know many of you struggle right now, together we can overcome.

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  1. I remember a couple of years ago I have almost ruined my life playing local scam slots every day. Zero money, debts, you know how it goes. Glad I’m over that, I still play casino, but now I can control myself

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