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First deposit luck


Sometimes gamblers say that it is easier to win from the very first deposit in a casino than to win in the casino, which you always play. This opinion is partly truth and partly a lie. Let’s sort out one from the other.

At first, let’s talk about offline gambling in slots

If you ever happen to get on the opening of the casino, you know that it’s easier to win in the casino on the first days of its work. All slots are new and not played, so they more often give you a chance to win. This behaviour of slots is based on the humans’ psychology – the more you win, the more desire to come back to the casino you will have next time. Articles on the internet and interviews with slot providers approve the facts above.

Online casinos are not much different

Popular providers of online slots use the same tactics, which is mentioned above. The main purpose for slot providers is to get the maximum amount of loyal gamblers because of the high competition among slot providers. That is why from the very first deposit slots more often give bonuses and big wins.

So you really have more chance to win from the very first bonus, this is not your luck – just common casinos standard. That is why we recommend you to try new casinos; this will increase your chance to win. However, you should carefully choose a new casino to play. First, we advise you to pay attention to casinos, where we and our Big Spin Club members gamble and slots we choose. We publish them in a special section of our site. The list of casinos is usually updated, as we add new casinos where we have some big wins and withdraw money with no problems. Tips on how to clear casino bonus read in our article – How to clear casino bonus.

It another good reason for you to try one of the new online casinos. You do not only get a chance to play new slots but also get a special welcome bonus. It helps a lot.

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