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High rolling at online casinos can be dangerous


Most of the online casinos are just scared of high rollers. On the one hand, they can bring a lot of profit for the casino, but on the other hand, even a small win like 200x with 400 Euro bet (80 000 Euro win) can end up with a withdraw problem for an online casino, especially for new one. But if you play at a serious online casino with a good reputation, you will have a great chance to win and enjoy your gambling.

Note! At online casinos, you can consider yourself as a high roller if you deposit minimum 3000 Euro at once and your minimum bet is 20 Euro.

Be prepared to high roll at an online casino

It’s not that complicated to play at online casinos for big money. There are three main things which high rollers need to keep in mind before playing online:

  1. If you are playing a new and not well-known casino, it’s possible that if you win a lot, you would never get your winnings. In the case of a huge win like 50 000 Euro, any new casino can just simply close its operation and reopen with a little different name. We have already heard a couple of such stories during only the last year
  2. In some casinos max bet can be limited so instead of playing for like 200-400 Euro per spin, you can be just limited to play 100 Euro per bet maximum.
  3. In some casinos, there are several limits on your withdrawal. For example, they can limit it to 5000 Euro per week. It means that if you win 40 000 Euro, you end up withdrawing it for two months! That’s just crazy

It’s easy to deposit your money if you use your Mastercard or Visa, you can even use your bank account. But if you want to fully enjoy online gambling, we suggest you use an electronic payment system such as Skrill or Netteller.

Why it’s better to play at high bets at the online casino

There are some advantages you can use to improve your gambling experience while playing in online casinos. You can actually get more benefits that playing in the land-based casinos. Let’s take a look at those reasons.

  1. Monthly cashback is the best thing about online casinos. You can get for up to 15% of your losses at the end of the month, and that could be a good chance for you to try your luck once again without depositing any money. Weekly cashback is also available.
  2. You have an enormous amount of games you can choose from and switch between them in a second. New slots released almost daily, so it’s easy to find some fresh slots with interesting bonuses features and hut some unexpected big wins.
  3. You can enjoy live casino games with dealers from all over the world and play Roulette, Blackjack, Baccara and all other popular table games.

Best online casinos for high rollers

We have prepared you a list of online casinos where we usually high roll – you will get highest withdraw limits and the best selection of slots. Only at these casinos, you can get proper VIP treatment when it comes to cashback and money bonuses.

Don’t forget you only should play at big bets if you have enough money, as there is always a chance that you get emotional and lose a lot in a pursuit of a big win.

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