How to choose an online casino


On the Internet, you can find a lot of tips on how to win at the online casino, but following them, players make such a severe mistake that no winning strategy can help – they choose a bad casino.

In this article, we will tell you about the current problems of online casinos and what should guide you through the choice of an online casino.

Just follow these tips to choose an online casino and you will not only enjoy your game but will win for sure.

Attention, not all the casinos are real!

The real boom of fake online casinos was happening for the last 3 years. Owners of these casinos in pursuit of profit invest a huge amount of money to attract one-time customers and their first deposits. Аnd as they gain this, they close fast. Life-cycle of such casinos usually is from 6 months to 1 year.

We have to consider that from the first sight it is impossible to separate fake casinos from real because of theу copy all interfaces and games of the second ones.

They fake the most popular and favourite games from developers: Microgaming, NetEnt, StarGames, Playtech. The main aim of the casino with fake games is to steal your money. Payout in these casinos is 70-80% and in some cases, even 40-50%, that’s why you cannot win in such casinos!

Even the real online casinos do not play by the rules

Every casino must have a license to approve its honest work. The license can guarantee that the casino, you have chosen, uses original game software, has no problems with withdrawal, and the payout of games matches the original values (92-98%).

In original casinos, you always can obtain information on the license, issued for the casino. Usually, this information is in free access on the site of the casino, or it could be obtained through the casino support service.

However, there are such a lot of online casinos on the internet, that Gambling Control Commissions do not have time to watch all of them and respond to the gamblers complaints.

At the present time, this led to the fact, that 25% of online casinos with licenses and original gambling software break their own rules and delay withdrawals by all means. For example, they require a huge amount of documents to approve the account. That’s why gamblers cannot wait for withdrawal, so they gamble away their winnings from the account.

Moreover, the casinos very often change the rules of withdrawal and put a huge wager not only for the bonuses and free spins but also on your deposits.

For sure, you can win at such casinos, but it would be tough to withdraw your winnings. That is why you should always listen to the advice of friends and people you know by yourself. Never deposit in the random casino, you just found on the web and don’t know anything about!

Use our checklist to choose an online casino

We have collected the checklist for real casino. Use this list for the check before you deposit:

  • License information: you can get it in free access at the casino or request it through the casino support
  • Original game software
  • A lot of ways to deposit the account, deposit from the credit card is obligatory.
  • New and recently released games in stock.
  • Live support chat and response speed in it. Ask any kind of question, for example, what documents you need to withdraw, and observe the answer time and quality. The absence of live chat should aware you, but not necessarily.

We have a list of the best online casinos, that passed our quality control, you can check them if you think to deposit today.

Now you can try to use this checklist on some of the best casinos available today and see how it helps:

On our website, we publish not so many reviews on online casinos, because we make reviews only on good casinos where we and members of our “Big spin club” constantly playing. Join us, and you can always be sure that you play in the right casino, there would be no problems with withdrawal, and we will help you to solve your problems.

  1. Before choosing an online casino you must decide which game you want to play after that you check online casino is licenced and authenticated or not. After that, you decide a device like mac, mobile and windows on which you want to play casino game.

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