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How to win back money from the casino


This situation is familiar to most of us – for a short period of time you deposited several times and had lost a huge amount of money. Also, the rest of your money is enough only for the one final deposit. Just stay calm, and follow our advice, so you, most likely, will win your money back and even win more!
If you have lost a huge amount of money for one day, It might be a good idea to take a break and come back in a day or two. So you can take your time to rest and clear your mind. Casino saves all your loses to your game session, so it can give you back part of what you lost later.

What to do? – To play!

At first, we should give you key advice: calm down before making your last deposit! Just make some tea or smoke a cigarette (of course if you smoke!). Last deposit should be played very carefully.

Now when you get cool, it’s time to make a deposit and choose a game. Our second advice – don’t choose the game in which you lost a lot of money during this game session, as it most probably would not let you win (see our article about playing different games). And more – do not choose games with rare and big wins (“300 Shields”, “Dead or alive”, etc.), note that you aim to win your money back, but not to win all money in the world.

Our third advice – is to watch your bet during gambling. You shouldn’t make your bet too high in an attempt to win back all money at once.

Our forth advise – do not jump from one game to the other. Make at least 30 spins before you change the game. Otherwise, you will have no chance to get a bonus and lose all your deposit money.

And the last one – define the amount of money you need to win back beforehand. Usually, you can win back about 50% of your recent losings. As soon as you achieve your goal (or even more) make a withdrawal and do not try to get more – you can easily lose all.

We hope that with our advice you will manage to win back a major part of what is lost. Follow our advice, and you definitely will win more and lose less. And in case you failed in winning your money read our article on what to do after a big loss.

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