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Once you will find your favorite game


Once you find your favourite game – not only beginners can make this mistake, but professional players too. For a player, it is very hard to cope with this problem because of the emotional link to his favourite game.

Here are some situations in which you will probably recognise yourself:

  • You had “super mega big win” once in this slot. And now you can’t forget this, so you always choose the same slot in different casinos in the hope to win more.
  • You really like the bonus game in this slot (it doesn’t even matter what really do you like: the music, the mechanics or just the colourful pictures). Unfortunately, you can’t get a bonus on it, so you begin to bet more and more money to get the bonus. Probably you will get one, but it would be too small to cover your investments so you will make a deposit again. And then again, and again…
  • You have seen a screenshot or a video of “super mega big win” in this slot (x500 х1000 х5000!). That is why you decide to test your luck in this slot. Your first bonus has no result – bonus is not as big as you expected, so you make the second deposit, as you think, you can win much more than you have seen on the video. And then you make a deposit again, and again…

In all these situations you are caught in a trap – the game in one slot would never be successful, you should change the slot immediately.

A Good game for the casino, a bad choice for you

The main purpose of every “good” casino slot is to make an impression of the “super mega big win” opportunity.  These “good“ slots become most popular, that’s why players lose on them a lot of money.

For example, Immortal Romance – 3 or 4 wild reels can be triggered on any spin, or Creature from the Black Lagoon where at the end of the game you can get 10 additional free spins with triple wilds.

So our strong advice for you is to change slots and do not bet all your money on one game. Otherwise, you can lose all. You should have at least several favourite slots.

Find new casino slots for you, go ahead now and find some new games to play.

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  1. My favourite one is definetly Creature from the black lagoon, them random sticky wilds just crazy! And Jack and the beanstalk for sure

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