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What’s is your place on BigSpinClub leaderboard. Check your position, chips and achievements.

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How to earn chips?

You can earn chips in several ways. You get your first 10 chips simply just for registration and uploading your avatar. It’s easy to collect chips when you stay active. However, if you want to move through leaderboard quick, the best ways are to submit a new post or refer a friend.

Chips for daily visits1 chip
Chips for viewing content1 chip
Chips for comments1 chip
Chips for a comment like1 chip
Chips for content like1 chip
Chips for publishing posts50 chips
Chips for referrals50 chips

How to refer a friend?

You can get 50 points for referring a friend. Click on your avatar in the top right corner and press edit profile, to open your profile. Copy your referral link and send it to your friend. You can also share it on facebook, twitter to bring more friends. After your friend to sign up, you will get your 50 chips.

How to submit a topic?

When you feel like you have something to share: big win story, slot strategy, casino news, gambling issues etc. you can share it with us by clicking “Submit a topic” in the top right corner. Fill out the form and press submit, we will moderate your topic and approve it.

My achievements

You earn achievements based on your activity and chips. Grey picture – not earned. Earn all the achievements to get a special reward. Hover your mouse on image to read requirements.

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