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Lost all money in a casino? Don’t worry!


You have lost a huge amount of money in slots. Nobody likes to talk about it, and definitely, nobody likes to remember such moments. It can happen not only with a beginner but with a skilled player too. Most likely, you have bet all the money you have on your account, credit card or in cash, maybe you even borrowed some money. Lose is always hard for gambler: on the one hand, you crave to win money back and on the other hand, lack of money force you to do some stupid things. We will help you to survive your lose and give you some valuable advice.

Don’t even think about it

First, do not think about suicide. According to statistics, the amount of suicide’s among gamblers is higher than among drug addicts by 50% and higher than among normal people by 70%. Do not try to raise these statistics, you still have the chance to win back, but not now.

Don’t promise yourself that this was the last time you had a gamble and you would never do it again. You try to calm yourself this time, but next time you will have a greater desire to gamble, as you make a ban on it.

Don’t try to win back with borrowed money – you will lose them and then spend a lot of time until pay off the debt in an awful mood. Probably, you even will not pay off your debt in time, and that will ruin your relationship with friends or family. Next time you will need real help (for example money on health treatment) no one will help you. Maybe then you will think about taking a loan – do not even think about its move to the next paragraph as fast as you can.

DO NOT GAMBLE ON MONEY LOAN. Taking a loan, especially fast loan, already means to lose, as you take a loan at interest, which means you should give back more than your loan. Likely, you will lose your loan and then need to pay back loan and amount of interest. In this case, gamblers often take another loan and then another one in an attempt to win back.

Do not play a demo version of slots and do not watch a video about slots – after a big loss, you need to distract from slots, as thinking about it make you to desire win back your loss.

Do not commit a crime! After a big lose gamblers can make desperate steps, what would happen next read in crime summary?

You need to bear it, just give yourself some time

Now you know what you should not do, then what you should do if you want to gamble. First of all, you need someone to talk and spend your time, someone you can talk about your loss and casino. Even phone call or online chat can help you. After you lose, it is necessary for you to survive your first hour without gambling after it would be easier to bear. In total, you need to abstain from gambling for two days, this time your brain needs to forget a big loss.

If you have nobody to share your emotions after a big loss we ask you to leave a comment to this article or send us an e-mail, tell us how you lose and try to analyse your mistakes. This will help you to survive you’re lost and help many of our gambles to avoid thoughtless acts.

Finally, we ask you to read our “How to win at casino” articles to win next time, we often publish gambling tips, which every player should know.

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