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What is a fake online casino?


Maybe some of you are familiar with a term ‘fake casino“. For those who don’t know fake casino is a casino which operates illegally using fake software. There is no way you can get money from this casino, either way, slots are rigged or when you win casino simply refuse to pay your winnings. From our experience, there are around 10% of fake casinos our there on the market. They copy all popular slots from different providers and reduce a payout to a low value. Even if you win some money there, it’s almost impossible to get money them. We highly suggest you avoid fake casinos and we know some ways to help you to do it. Read this topic carefully and don’t forget to share this article with your friends who play casino too.

3 ways to spot a fake casino

Sometimes it’s hard to find out if a casino is real or not. But we can show you three easiest ways to find out if the casino you are about to play is real. So let’s imagine you have found a brand new casino, that you never ever heard about and you are really want to use their first deposit offer, you should stop for a second and do the basic check.

  • Find if there is a License information

Every real casino should have a license to operate on the market. Information about the license can be easily obtained through casino support, most of the good casinos also put in the footer of the casino site. So the first bad sign is if support refuses you request or tell you that there is no active license now and them in the process of receiving it.

  • Slot providers and games

Check what slot providers you can play there. More providers mean it’s hard for a fake casino to copy them. However, the thing we are looking for here is new slots. It takes some time to make a fake copy of a new slot, so if there is a lack of new slots from Netent or Quickspin, that’s a really bad sign. You can also look for some slots from NetEnt that were recently banned due license and regulations. If you find slots like South Park or Tornado Farm Escape -it’s a definitely fake casino.

  • To good first deposit offer

That’s right if there is an offer that it seems to good to be true, you should be really suspicious about it. What a typical casino first deposit offer looks like 100% or 200% and some free spins. But if you see that casino offers you a huge deposit bonus, like 400% or 500% with a low wager x20, you should think twice before you use that offer. It’s probably a trick to get your money.

Of course, there are some other ways to check, you can share some of your tips in the discussion below this topic, leave a reply now.

How to avoid a fake online casino?

You now know some ways to find out if the casino you are about to play fake. But you are probably wondering what else you can do, to protect yourself from such frustrating situations. When you pick a new casino we suggest you rely on best online casinos list, all casino we have there tested by our staff and our club members, we play there daily and have no problems with payouts. You can also make research on google and try to look for some that new casino reviews and opinions.

You should avoid fake casinos at all costs!

No matter how good the first deposit offer looks or how many good reviews you have found about a new casino, if you have some doubts about it and think that there is some shady going on, you should avoid that casino. Each month a bunch of fake casinos appear on the market, so it’s so easy to run into them. The bad things can happen, and you lose your money there, but what can be worst you can win a huge sum of money there, but won’t be able to withdraw. Just imagine hitting €10 000 win and think about how many useful things you can buy with this money, like a new phone, gifts for your family, and then you realise that you never get it because casino cheats you. All casinos that we list on our site are real, you are protected from fraud when you play there. In case you run into some problems you can contact us, and we will help you to solve it.

What’re your thoughts on fake casinos? Have you ever seen some of them? Do you know any other ways to avoid them? Reply to this topic now share your opinion.

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