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What roulette to choose American or European?


To my surprise, I’ve seen a lot of people talking about which kind of roulette they need to choose American roulette or classic European roulette to have a higher chance of winning. There is a simple answer to this question, but to make sure that there are no doubts left, we will discuss it in more details today. Most of this information will work for both land-based and online casinos, so it doesn’t matter what you prefer.

What is the difference between European and American roulette?

When you open both of that roulette in your favourite online casino on the same screen, you realise that there is no significant difference from the first look. You can bet on numbers, sectors and etc. on both of those wheels. Payouts are also the same, 1 to 35, so it means that if you bet €1 on any number and ball lands there, you will get €35 back. However, if you look closer you realise that there is one single difference: on American roulette, there are “zero” and an extra number “double zero”! It looks like a small difference visually, but your odds of winnings are less than on European roulette. Let’s compare some of the typical and simple bets so you can understand better. If you bet o colours, red or black in American roulette the chance for you to win is 47,37% while on European roulette os 48,65%. That’s 1,18% difference and works the same for evens, odds, lows and highs.

Let me explain this to you. If you play European roulette your odds of winnings 1 in 37, while for American roulette it’s 1 in 38. On a long distance, it turns out to be a huge difference.

If we talk about house edge – minimal is in European roulette 2,7% while it’s riskier to play American roulette where the house edge is increased to huge 5,7%. You can see clearly now that the right answer to your question which roulette you should choose is simple – European roulette.

Why people still choose to play American roulette?

Even if you have fewer chances to win on American wheel, there are still two reasons for you to play it sometimes. Both of them sounds reasonable only for the land-based casinos, so if you play online, you can ignore them and go and play European roulette right now.

You can’t find European roulette

That reason works only on the land-based casinos. Many land-based casinos, especially small ones prefer to earn more, so obviously, they put the only type of roulette with zero and double zero. In such a situation you can still enjoy your favourite table game, just don’t play it a lot and keep in mind that your chances to win a slightly less in a short session.

Minimum bet is too high

Sometimes casino can set a minimum bet to a huge €100, and this can be too much for your bankroll. Once again it only works in the land-based casinos, where you are so limited to your choices.

There are more reasons for you to play American roulette, avoid it at all cost to save your money.

European roulette is your best choice

There is no reason for you to risk your money on the American roulette wheel, with house edge 5,7% you have a bigger chance to lose your money and you are not even gain a single benefit from it. So stick to your classic European roulette, play safe and enjoy your winnings more frequently. Realise one thing now that most of the people who play American roulette, simply doesn’t know the difference or simply doesn’t care about it, but if you are a professional player, you should play smart.

I’m so glad that I can enjoy roulette in online casinos. Where It’s so easy to find a European roulette with different kind of bet limits. You can even choose between different dealers you like and switch a roulette table in a second. Even if you now know the truth, remember that game of roulette is a dangerous one, don’t be greedy and play carefully.

If you still have some arguments, or some important information about roulette, please join our discussion and leave a comment on this topic, we want to hear it from you.

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  1. That’s what every roulette player should now. I always play European roulette only!

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