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Most profitable online casino table games to play now


The casino is risky to deal when you decide to hit some quick wins. You need to look for most profitable casino games to have a bigger chance of winning. Most casino players chose slots in pursuit of some huge wins, however, if you want a safer and slower way you need to play table games, where you can enjoy you gambling for many hours without losing a massive amount of money. We will tell you today about top 3-casino table games you with the lowest house edge.

Top 3 most profitable casino table games

Play those casino table games to improve your chance of winning. If you are patient enough, can control your bank you can end up winning some money or at least not losing too much as you can on slots. Don’t forget to add some luck.

1.      Blackjack with a single deck

There are many blackjack variations you can play, however, if you find a table with a single deck you have a greatly improved chance to win. House edge in a single deck blackjack is 0,55%. It also depends on rule variations. Nevertheless, no matter what rules casino has, you still have a great chance of winning if you play single deck blackjack.

You can use blackjack strategies to improve your chance of winnings. Which makes Blackjack the most profitable casino game. You can play single deck blackjack for real money at any casino with NetEnt.

2.      Baccarat

Baccarat is your choice if you want to enjoy simple and low gameplay and if you are lucky, enough it can score you some nice wins. House edge on baccarat can be as low as 1,5%. It also depends on the number of decks of casino use.

3.      European Roulette

We have already discussed with you that when it comes to roulette, you should play European roulette with a single zero instead of American roulette. House edge in such roulette is only 2,5%, which makes it a good choice for you.

There are also some honourable mentions such as craps and three-card poker. You can play those games also

You can make a profit on table games, but still can lose

When you table games from our top list you have a greater chance to end up with a small advantage, however, when you play a lot, you eventually lose your money. There is also no guarantee you win a lot even if you play a single deck blackjack, so you need to manage your bankroll and play responsibility.

What are your thoughts on playing table games? Do you think it’s better to play roulette than slots? Leave a reply now.

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