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Casino streaming and streamers

Online gambling is a popular entertainment niche, so it was only a matter of time until casino streaming gets there. Nowadays you can find a lot of casino streamers on popular twitch and youtube platforms. Basically many people around the world use their computers to play online casino slots and stream live video of it. You can interact with them by chatting. So it works like any other gaming stream where people play popular computer games.

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Good news for all fans and friends that now I’m back with my youtube channel and ready to share some of my bet gambling moments with you. You can check my channel for some big win videos, slot sessions and high roll. Hope to see you on my channel. Hit the subscribe button now.
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Why should you watch casino streams and videos?

Special casino bonuses

Popular streamers and video makers can negotiate special deals for their viewers. It’ no secret that usually if you register directly from the casino site you will get a smaller bonus or less free spins. We have such examples on your site too you can look for our exclusive bonuses on the best online casinos page.

Meet new friends with the same passion for casino

If you are playing slots and casino games for a long time, you can share your experience and talk with people in chat, or you can leave a comment below videos and share some screenshots of your big wins. It’s always a good idea to have some friends with the same passion.

Save your money

I know it’s hard to play casino all the time, you need a lot of money for that. But it’s also hard to stay away from it. So watching casino streamers is a good idea if you don’t want to waste your money, but still, want to get that casino feel. But keep in mind that you can have the urge to play actually from watching casino videos, so you need to test it and decide for yourself if it helps you or not.

New slots tests

As soon as new slots releases many streamers try to play it on the same day. You can watch it live and decide if this new slot is good and if you should play it yourself. You can even ask some streamers to play particular slot just for you.

Youtube casino streams

At the beginning of summer 2018 youtube banned a lot of casino streamers channels for no clear reasons. The main reason for that is direct affiliate links in the video descriptions. After some month most of the big channels manage to recover from this ban and continue to stream, there are still a big number of channels remained banned. So in case you have lost your favourite streamer, he is probably now streaming on another good platform for that – Twitch.

Twitch casino streams

The good thing is that you can enjoy your favourite casino streams on Twitch. There is a special casino section where you can find all casino streamers and sort them by language. So while the situation with youtube still is not clear this is a good place to stay safe. You can download a twitch app on your mobile phone or tablet and use it to watch streams, get notifications from your favourite casino’s streams and chat with your friends.

Fake money casino streamers

Some of the people decided to take another route and screw a lot of people in this industry by using fake money to play casino. Fake money means that some of the casinos provide a streamer with non-withdrawable cash to play and pretend that all winnings are real. Multiple people have already got busted with such practices. But right now it’s almost impossible to understand if money is real. You can fake deposit and withdraw screenshots and even bank statement.

From my experience, if you are playing slots and sometimes lose more than you should and have troubles a couple of times with “an urge to play, but no money situation”. There is a good phrase for that “real recognises real”.

English casino streamers

It’s not a secret that if you want to become a popular casino streamer, you should aim your stream at the biggest auditory you can. Right the most popular casino streamers use the English language. Communicating with your viewers using that universal language is easy. Even if you can’t speak English, you still can understand what’s going on and enjoy big wins and emotions. However, you still can find a native speaking streamer.

Responsible gambling and casino streams

While many people enjoy casino streams, there is a big concern that uploading big win videos and play slots with big bets on a stream can lead many people to compulsive gambling and huge losses. The only advice we can give to you in such a situation is you should never watch such video if you feel that you can’t control yourself! Responsible gambling is key. Just set limits you can lose and when you win money to try to spend on something instead of putting it back.


Sometimes it’s hard to find friends with the same passion. So I think casino streams and video channels is a good way for you to join a huge online community of people who love to gamble. They can support you and help you in hard situations and give you some advice. Even if you watch live streams for a long time, you still can subscribe to those channels and watch some big win compilations for example.

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