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Watch big slot pictures from our members. When you hit a big win x100+, especially on a new slot, you can submit it so all other people can see it. Also, this is a good way to earn yourself some chips, as you get 10 free chips for submitting a big win picture.


If you have a huge win you would like to share with us, use form below (you need to login or register first) to submit it.

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Slot machine big win pictures

When I play slot machines, especially new ones I am always wondering what kind of win I can get, that’s why I decided to create this section where you can see big win pictures from other members of BigSpinClub and me. The best way to know if you should play some slots is to look at the big win pictures.

You will find many different pictures most of the popular providers like NetEnt, Microgaming or Play’n GO. However, you also will find some interesting wins from Endorphina, Thunderkick and other providers.

How to make a big win picture?

When you decide to make your first casino big win picture, you might run into some problems, that’s why we would like to explain to you how to do it the best way. There are different ways to make a big win picture, it all depends on what kind of device you use.

How to make a big win picture on PC or laptop

When playing casino slot on your PC, you can always take a screenshot whenever you hit a big win. You just need to press “prints screen” button on your keyboard. Then you need to open any photo editing software, such as paint, or photoshop and paste your picture by pressing “ctrl+v”. Next step is to save that picture on your PC, just press “file-save” and choose the name of your big win picture, for example, Book of dead 1000x win full-screen premium symbol. That’s it you can make as many big win pictures as you like and then upload them to our site.

How to make a big win screenshot on your phone or tablet.

When you play online casino on your phone, you can always make a screenshot of a big win by pressing buttons, it can “power + volume up” button, however, to know the exact combination you need to refer to the instruction of your device. After you take a screenshot of your big win, you can upload it directly from your phone, or you can connect it to your pc and use it to submit your big win picture.

Watch pictures of big wins

Finding any big win picture on our site is easy. You can now browse pictures and filter them by the provider. If you want for example slots from NetEnt, only you can check it in the filter and see only screenshots by this provider. Later we plan to add more filters for you like win size sorting and just 1000x wins or even filter by author.

When you have found a win, you are looking you can click on it to watch a bigger picture. Feel free to share a link to our site to your friends so they can see that your big win published.

Do you have cool slot pictures with big wins? Share it with us!

When you next time you hit a big win, don’t forget to take a picture or make a screenshot, so you can share it with us. To submit a big win picture, all you need to is open this page on your pc, tablet or mobile phone and scroll down to submit the form. Enter a slot name where you score big and upload a picture. You can also share your big win story with if you want too. After you are done, just press submit. We will process your message and publish your big win so other members of our site can see it. You also will get 10 free chips for a big win picture submission, it helps to move up in our rating.

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