How to win at casino

High rolling at online casinos can be dangerous

Most of the online casinos are just scared of high rollers. On the one hand they can bring a lot of profit for the casino, but on the other hand, even a small win like 200x with 400 Euro bet (80 000 Euro win) can end up with a withdraw problem for ...

Best online casino in Iceland

If you are living in Iceland, you are already lucky as ONLINE gambling is still legal there and some of the best online casinos available for Iceland players.

Approve your online casino account beforehand

We receive a lot of complaints on unknown online casinos from gamblers, all of them has the same reason – gambler make first deposit, win, but can’t withdraw money due to different and sometimes ridiculous reasons.

How to win at slots without bonus

There is a specific type of slots – slots without bonus. These slots do not have scatter feature of free spins feature. Just don’t give up – you need to use right strategy to win and we will teach you.

Winning amount depends on a bonus game choice

Some of slots provides you the opportunity to choose type of free spin bonus. Usually you are offered to choose among amount of spins and spins multiplier - the more spins you choose the less multiplier you have. Today we will tell you what type of ...

NetEnt or Microgaming: what slot to choose?

Beginners are usually worried by the question – what slot to choose, as they know that their win depend on their decision of slot. Skilled gamblers have their own strategy – set of slots or providers, as they know how behavior of these slots.

What is a game session

We think you have already noticed that in our articles we use the term “game session” (or “gaming session”). To beat online slots you should know the importance of this term.

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