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Is Roshtein streaming casino with fake money?

I’ve been watching a lot of streamers. Lately, most of them play with sensible bets from 1 to  5 euro. The only one I highly doubt is Roshtein, he plays casino almost every day with huge bets like 50 euro and can lose 5k or even 10k euro on his stream. My question is do you think Roshtein using fake money to gamble and deceive their viewers.

There is no way to know for sure what kind of money Roshtein is using. There are many different ways for him to hide that fact. He can even get real money from a casino on his bank account and then deposit it to show transactions history. Only casino owners and Roshtein know the truth. However, you need to realise that casino streaming is a profitable niche you can earn huge money with affiliate links and Roshtein is one of the most popular casino streamers right now. He can earn now around €100 000 euro per month, which means that he has enough money to deposit daily. Don’t forget the fact that he uses a huge deposit bonus all the time with each of his deposit, so it means that when he deposits a €1000, he ends up with €4000 on his accounts. That’s how he can even spend less.

Is Roshtein playing with real money?

Is Roshtein playing with fake money? There is now wat to tell that. Can he afford to make a huge deposit daily? Yes, for sure he is one of the most popular streamers, he is also using a huge deposit bonus on each deposit. If you want to watch how slots pay on a huge bet, then it’s doesn’t matter what kind of money it is as long as Roshtein plays the same slots as all other casino players. If you still have doubts about Roshtein money, then you can look for different streamers and watch whom you trust more.

What do you think about Roshtein and other casino streamers? Do you think that many streamers using fake money to stream casino? Is this even matter for you?

  1. i wondered about him at first too. and tbh he is not one of my favorite streamers however cant take away the fact that he obviously is a popular live streamer the only thing that really o.m.o about him is he brags about massive wins when infact hes still in wagering
    i mean whats the point of bragging about an 80k win if you still need to wager 100kand then if you have so much money then why wouldnt you take the real risk and save time by doing raw deposits. and finally i thought that you were capped on the bet amount when you were using a bonus?

    • A casino can alter bonus rules for different players. For example, some casinos offer a special cashback option for high rollers, where you don’t have a maximum bet restriction. So in Roshtein case, they have a special agreement where he can bet bigger!

  2. ofc hes fake rofl

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