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What to do if casino doesn’t pay your money


Once you win a significant amount of money and want to make a withdraw, from that time you should stay aware – getting money on your casino account doesn’t mean you get them for real.

In case of a big win, you will definitely have troubles with payouts in unverified and small online casinos.  The first thing to do for such casinos is to delay your payout by all means and by this give you a chance to gamble back all your winnings. The second thing to do – is to block your account for violating casino terms and conditions.

That is why your first thing to do before making a payout should be to make a screenshot of the winning and screenshot of your account, where your deposits can be seen. If you communicate with the casino support, you also should make screenshots of your chat with it.

How to get a payout

So, you have a problem with payout – the online casino refuses to pay you and probably blocked your account. Do not panic, you still have the chance to get your money. Here are 3 ways to do it:

  1. Create a topic on any big gambling forum with a detailed description of your problem. Attach to it screenshots of the winning and your chat with the casino support. These forums are usually watched by casino representatives, so if you claim on illegal actions from the casino, they will have to the payout you winning otherwise the casino will lose clients.
  2. Write a letter to The Gambling Control Commission. If you follow our tips in the other articles and choose legal casino than the casino has such controlling Commission. In case of your claim to the Control Commission casino not only payout, your money fast but also give you some free spins or no deposit bonuses as an apology for such an uncomfortable situation.
  3. Write to us. On our site, we write only about legal online casinos. We are sure that you will not have problems with payouts in these casinos as we gamble there and often have some big payouts. However, if you have any problems with an online casino mentioned on our site – please tell us. We will directly contact casino management and solve your problem because we appreciate every member of our «Big Spin Club.»
  4. Of course, this problem won’t happen if you play one casino from our best online casinos list.

Before closing the claim, please, ensure that money appear on your bank account. And after such case never gamble big sums of money in this casino, because the right casino should pay to win any size without problems.

What problems did you have with payouts? Please tell us in comments for this article.

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