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Is online roulette fixed?


One of the first questions that come to your mind, especially if you lose a lot of your hard earned money at the online casino, can they rig online roulette to gain leverage against you. To understand if this even possible to do it when you play at the online casino, let’s try to get in more details.

What exactly casino need to do, to fix live online roulette?

When you play roulette at a live online casino, you actually not only one who is sitting at the virtual table, there are 10s and 100s people all over the world who play at the same time, and that’s the main difference between online roulette and roulette from the land-based casinos. So it’s impossible for online casinos to rig roulette against only you because many people place bets on different numbers.
Basically, casino needs to accept all the bets from every player, then using special algorithm analyse the best possible number or sector to pay less and land it. Let’s imagine that you bet 10 euro on number 25 instead while all other players on 100s of euros on different numbers. So it’s clear that it’s better for the casino to land the ball on your number. We all know that there are many tricks that casino can use to put a ball in the exact place. Let’s say one-word magnets or even more advanced technologies.

How to rig an electronic roulette?

Situation changes when you play electronic roulette instead of living online roulette. In such situation, you are playing against random number generators, and it’s so easy to fix it. So for example, if you play in European roulette, you should expect 97,3% RTP(return to player). Such RTP means that you can win in a short distance, but in a long time, you should lose 2,7% of the money. It can take many spins for roulette to meet that RTP, 100 000 spins, so you can stay in profit for a long time. But in electronic roulette developers can reduce the number of spins needed to put you in a loose situation. In other words, they rig you roulette and reduce your chance of winning so you can lose faster.

Are there are any reasons for the casino to rig roulette?

While you can see that it’s easy for online casinos to fix the outcome of the roulette, there are many more reasons not to do it.

First, there is always a house edge aka “casino always win”. When you play American roulette, casino supposes to get 5,26% back. That’s already a huge amount of money which is enough for any online casino to sustain their successful work.

Second, there are many gambling commission which monitors online casinos to ensure, that there is no cheating. Casino actually needs to obtain a license to operate on European markets and in many cases not only one but two or three licenses. So it’s dangerous for an online casino to rig your roulette, they risk a lot in such a situation.

Third, the more you win at roulette, the more you want to bet and play there, there is no reason to rig your roulette. Instead, you can win one day and come back the next day and lose twice more.

Make it short, is roulette fixed and should you play?

I do believe that it’s better to play live online roulette. There is no reason for an online casino to rig it. And even if they decide to do it, it impossible to rig against only you.

However, I don’t recommend you to play electronic roulette, it’s easy to rig it, also more to play with a live dealer and players instead of playing against the heartless machine.

I’m sure you have an experience playing roulette so it would be great if you share your opinion right now. Just use the form below and let’s discuss it.

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